About APMA

Auto Parts Management Association (Hong Kong) /  汽 車 零 件 管 理 協 會 ( 香港 )

APMA is a subsidiary of The Motor Traders Association of Hong Kong, a non-profit making organization.  The association was established in June 1995 by several foundation members, they were all from the management in parts division of major automobile franchisee in Hong Kong.



Membership of the Association is open exclusively to any franchised vehicles importers & distributors and their motor service companies in Hong Kong, who provide franchised vehicle spare parts service in the after sales market.



The Association is managed by an Executive Committee consisting of four (4) officers who are Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.  The committee is chosen by legitimate mechanism in Annual General Meeting.

本會會務及管理由 執行委員會 負責,委員會有四位成員,包括 主席,